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Happy materials...sad materials..I luv them all!

Name: Silk Goh
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 160cm

Likes: Reading, writing, drawing, manga, lazing around, studying science, yaoi, yuri, singing, laughing, dancing, listening to music, Japanese lessons, Japanese food, FaiXKuro, , watching a debate, reasonable people, abstract thoughts, openminded people, cooking.
Dislikes: Flamers, narrowminded people, bullies, studying maths, listen to grandma nag abt formality of a gal, cleaning the toliet, being late, people talking behind people's backs, homophobes, lack of common sense, quaralling with sis, soap opera
Hobbies: Drawing, writing, going dancing and singing karaoke with friends, collecting random bits and pieces, going to a bookshop to stroll, walking in the gardens, swimming and badminton.
Talents: I play intsruments? I can play the piano, clarinet and certain chinese instruments. I can draw marginally....I think it's better then my writing though. Dancing....I can dance tap and hip hop..of course the DDR and Para para machines too. **smiles**
Fav color: Sky blue
Fav animal: Er....not real one can? I like water dragons. but if real...then a flop-eared bunny.

Strong points: Well.....I'm very impartial. Friends come to me to talk serious sometimes cause I dun judge them I guess. I like making friends and I dun get angry easily unless your my sister. I dun get shocked much cause I'm very openminded. I'm polite when I have too but I'm more of a friendly person. Anything that I promised to do, I'll accomplish it.
Weaker points: Some people says I'm very indifferent. Scenes that are very touching and everyone is crying but I won't be kinda thing. My friends say I'm quite manupliative if I want to. I can't spell for my life and I laugh at the worst possible moment and my laughter is pretty loud too.

Mature or Immature?: Mature...heck my friends say I sometimes act too old. But I have my childish side........
Leader or Follower?: I prefer following but if occasion rises I can lead pretty well too
Shy or outgoing?: outgoing
Loud or quiet?: Loud
Angel or Devil?: The child of an angel and a devil.

In school(or back in school), do/did you study/studied a lot? Why?: I study pretty much.
What would you do if your friend were in danger?: Save him or her?
You found out that your teacher is a mage. What was your first reaction?: Cool....Can you teach me magic?
If you were forced to pick one girl out of 2-A/3-A to be one of your closest friends, who would you pick and why?: Setsuna. I admire her spunk.
What do you friends think of you?: Funnily sacastic.

Fav Negima character, and why?: Setsuna
Describe your personality in a couple of words: refer to what friends think of you.
What character do you think you're most like and why?: Hmm....Asuna?

Pictures or describe what you look like: Describe please. I have long black hair...cuz I'm an asian. Hair kinda reaches my waist. Its straight though. I wear contacts pretty often but when reading and drawing I wear a frameless blue specs.I have black eyes. I have puppy friends say so. My five organs are in their correct position and I like to wear jeans or long skirts.

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