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Name: Raychel
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Who were you stamped as?: Nodoka
Link: http://community.livejournal.com/negima_rating/62311.html#cutid1

About You
Likes: Anime, manga, video games, summer and winter, the cold, water, apples, singing, graphic making, role playing, writing, poetry, frued, shakespeare
Dislikes: Nose pickers, flamers, dirty people, rank smells, pink, super hot things - chilli, spiders, insects, bullying, smoking, feet
Hobbies: Graphic making, web design, reading, writing, murder mysteries
Talents: Graphic making, song writing, writing, beta reading
Strong Points: Kind, honest as possible, I never get tired, sensible, kinda smart, I can make people laugh, I am helpful...
Weaker points: Nervous, pessimistic, underconfident, very shy too, I get obsessed with fandoms very easily

If you had magical abilities...
What type of Element do you think you would have?: Air. I just think Air would suit my kinda easygoing, breezy personality and yet go with my shyness 8D
Western or Eastern Style magic?: Western
Would you use them for practical applications or frivolously?: Practical - waste not want not.
Offensive or Defensive combat style?: Defense
Good, Evil, Peacekeeping, or Neutral?: Neutral

Would your partner have an ability that complimented your own or that brought something different to your partnership? Complimented. I think that it'd be easier to work together that way.
What do you think the most useful pactio ability is/would be?: I think Mind Reading is pretty good, but a weapon would be more useful, if I was a mage, so a weapon, close range.
Would you more likely make Pactio willingly or out of necessity?: Willingly
Would you rather/more likely be the Magister(Master) or the Minister?: Minister

This or That for your Partner
Mature or Immature: Mature
Leader or Follower: Leader
Shy or outgoing: Shy
Loud or quiet: Quiet
Calm or Energetic: Calm
Controlled or Impulsive: Controlled
Patient or Impatient: Patient
Confident or Modest: Confident

In your own words, briefly describe the type of person you think you would work with best:
Someone that is able to think about a situation before running into it - I need thinkers. I can hardly stand being around someone who just charges in. Someone who doesn't let the confidence get to their heat and ruin a good chance but also is able to take risks, relying on their own strangth and determination in things. Someone open minded, intelligent, dependable and yet with a desire or a weakness that makes them the type of person to need to rely on others as well.

Pictures or describe what you look like (Optional):

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Hmmmm, I am torn between Yue and Alberio... The 'This or That' for your partner and the short description made both of them come to mind, they both go well with Western magic, and they both have abilities that would compliment your own, Alberio's maybe slightly more so since you said you'd want a weapon more and you think you would be the Ministra rather than the Magistra.

I can't choose, I can see either of them fitting as your partner!
Oh and I realized I should maybe add an option to choose a preferred gender for your partner, so if you would like to add it please do so!
I agree with Yue being it...toraketsu said ti best
I agree with Yue. She's a thinker and the "this or that" section fit her almost perfectly.^^
Hmm... I have to say Yue. :)
I definitely agree with Yue
Based on your this or that section I'll say Yue!~
You'll be stamped officially when you've voted on at least 3 other applications. Until then the votes are closed but it isn't official.
Ahaha, okay thanks!!! ^_^
Sorry about that, it is official, your pactio partner would be...


I'm still working on the stamps but they will be done fairly soon, I'll work on them in the order they are needed so yours should be done first ^_^

Its being stupid and not showing up DX

Congrats again and thanks for participating!
Thank you x <3