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Do I have a copycat

Name: Sephira
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Who were you stamped as?: Evangeline
Link: http://community.livejournal.com/negima_rating/64954.html

Describe your personality briefly: How can I put this…Loyal, stubborn, pessimistic, creative….
How do you typically dress or what do you usually wear?: I usually wear 2 styles…1 is my unique style I usually mix and match my clothes as in I wear a pair of leggings and I’ll wear my blue denim shorts over it, next is my J-Rock style-I wear my black denim pants, a white short or long sleeved white button shirt and a black tie
Would you say you have a specific overall fashion style? If yes, what is it? If no, why not?: No…I just go with how I wanna dress..I don’t follow the fashion trends whatsoever…

Post 3-8 pictures of yourself, please try to include at least one that is more than just a facial!: Here are some pics with my different expressions, plus 2 body shots of me…

July, 18, I am in the green tank top

Taken, July, 13, I am in the Death Note shirt, of course I’m the only girl in the pic

This is my hair now, it’s Black purple

Taken months ago with my cell phone

Do you have a preference on which gender you are voted as?: Since there are males in this as well, I’ll say both….

Link to three applications (themed) that you have voted on: Nobody to vote for yet, but I will update this part as soon as there is someone to vote for…
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