Baka Black! (ayaseyue) wrote in negima_rating,
Baka Black!

Mod Post! Sorry for the wait! Mirror Theme Extended!

Hey guys! Sorry about my absence, I have been really busy with school and what not. I feel really bad about it, sorry sorry!

I am extending the Mirror Theme through the month of November because of my busy schedule and because of the lack of applications. There were only three, which will all be stamped soon, but none of us have had enough applications to get our minimum votes on even @_@

Here are the Applications that need votes!!!
cyanfox27 - Needs 3 votes!
fujicori - Needs 5 votes!
xiltconn - Needs 6 votes!

All the theme applications have the minimum number of voes to be stamped but you can still vote if you please!

Please vote on these existing applications guys!

I'm going to try and get more people active but I need your help! You guys being active will help me being active, when nothing happens for me to do I devote less and less time to the community and I don't want to abandon it! I've seen too many good communities go down the tubes because the maintainer lost interest prematurely.

I love this community and I want to keep it alive!
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