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Name: Satou "Berri"
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Who were you stamped as?: Konoka Konoe - considering a restamp

Describe your personality briefly: I'm usually really quiet and observant. I don't like getting involved with people because I always mess up. I'm apparently very naive and childish too.
How do you typically dress or what do you usually wear?: Anything comfortable... I really have no requirements. I don't like to stand out so I don't wear the cute frilly outfits I want to wear... plus I'm not very pretty so it's best that I don't overdo it...
99% of the time I'm wearing a headband. I also usually have a purse and/or book to hide behind.
I don't have any pictures of it but my mother likes to dress me up in cutesy childish dresses and stuff. I apparently pass as a 14 year old... yay... I think...
Would you say you have a specific overall fashion style? If yes, what is it? If no, why not?: Um...Does my headband and tendency to carry things for hiding behind count? Oh! And I wear a cat bell around my neck. It's a treasure from a friend.

Post 3-8 pictures of yourself, please try to include at least one that is more than just a facial!:
I have no pictures of it but I started using contacts... they're still scary though... but... with glasses..!
Full Body, school clothes:
From the Side, Ayu Cosplay:
Up close, with my hair to the sides (no bangs):

I-If you need more then..let me know..? I'm not good at working my camera but I'll definitely try!!! >_<

Do you have a preference on which gender you are voted as?: Girl...? I-I know I look like a boy but....__.; Pretend I don't...?

Link to three applications (themed) that you have voted on: I'll vote when more come!! >.< P-promise..!

If you need more pictures please tell me! I'm really sorry for the trouble and thanks for your time!!!
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