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Name: TaiyakinoNaku "Uggu" or "Satouberri" - it really depends... Everyone calls me something different...
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 152 cm... And that's when I cheat... > <;

Likes: Anime, Manga, Visual Novels, Books in General, Voice Acting, Stuffed Animals, Helping People Out, Bubble Tea, Sunny Days, Smiling Faces, Love&Peace? *lame*
Dislikes: Hurting People, Blood, Homophobes, Love Triangles (T___T), When People are Sad and I can't do anything... Being broke. ;_; Feeling jealous...
Hobbies: I do some voice acting and draw pictures... And a bit of singing. And I've almost always got a book on the go. I take pictures of the sky ^^;
Talents: Umm...I don't know if I have any...Does my voice count? I'm told I have a good range... People are willing to buy my drawings too...And um... I'm good at making friends and can solve most problems?
Fav color: Shades of Pink,Black and White
Fav animal: I like all cats and most dogs...And birds. And Aye-Ayes. ^^

Strong points: Um... I'm trusting and friendly and my friends say the fact I'm optimistic is good too... I'm willing to forgive and make compromises... I'm always smiling!
Weaker points: I'm apparently very naive and too trusting for my own good. I'm very shy in the sense that I don't like to let people know what's really on my mind.

Mature or Immature?: People say I'm immature but I'm mature on the inside, really... I'm quite observant... > <
Leader or Follower?: A bit of both. I lead in things others won't, like when we play video games or pioneering the way into a new anime genre, but I follow if someone else wants the lead...
Shy or outgoing?: I'm outgoing because my friends need someone to be energetic and silly or they'll all drown in a puddle of emo...But I'm shy because I don't like to let what I'm really feeling show.
Loud or quiet?: Quiet. I hate being loud and drawing attention to myself.
Angel or Devil?: Human? I'd like to be an Angel who helps everyone but I'm far too selfish... auuu

In school(or back in school), do/did you study/studied a lot? Why?: Ahaha... I cram. I don't like studying but I'm pretty good at paying attention and getting things down the first time...
What would you do if your friend were in danger?: I'd be really scared for them. It make take me a moment,but I'd probably end up running in mindlessly to save them and then regretting it later... I've proven that I become a very different and more firm-mean person when I get angry.
You found out that your teacher is a mage. What was your first reaction?: A-auuu!!! Is that even possible? Is this a dream? C-can you maybe teach me a bit of magic? >//<
If you were forced to pick one girl out of 2-A/3-A to be one of your closest friends, who would you pick and why?: Umm... I like Asuna a lot because she's really nice and protective. I think I'd feel safe and comfortable around her and still be able to have a good time playing video games and going out on walks and just talking... But I love the library crew too! I'd love to be friends with all of them. >//<
What do you friends think of you?: They think I'm "cute" and kind but also childish and naive. They tell me that it's adorable that I can't have dirty thoughts and enjoy teasing me because I make strange sounds when distressed... And um... They tell me I'm strong because I never let anything get me down,no matter how painful it may be!

Fav Negima character, and why?: I really like Nodoka... And Yue. Nodoka's so sweet and kind and Yue's really cute and always looking out for her friends.
Describe your personality in a couple of words: I'm a fake. ^^; You see,my friends are always sad and really need someone cheerful to love and protect,otherwise they would talk about suicide and stuff...So I decided to be the cute one for them. I don't know how much of it is real any more... I guess underneath it all I'm just a selfish person who doesn't want any more friends to die...^^;;
What character do you think you're most like and why?: Ummm... Makie is my outer personality...Inside I' don't know..^^; Maybe... Sayo? Because I usually end up just watching Ako? Auu... I dunno...

Pictures or describe what you look like:
I have no
My hair is brown and goes to my shoulders. I usually wear a headband or let my hair fall in front of my eyes so no one can see my face... um.. my eyes are brown?

Th-thank you for your time. > <
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