Baka Black! (ayaseyue) wrote in negima_rating,
Baka Black!

MOD POST! Still Need Votes!

Hey guys, I wanted to remind you that just because you are stamped doesn't mean other people don't need to be voted on!

The two people who needed votes in the last update STILL NEED VOTES!

Thanks guys! We got both the regular applications stamped!

Regular Apps
cheese_magi HERE! Stamped as Akira! (Our first one!)
sanjisprinkles HERE! Stamped as Tsukuyomi (Another rarity but not the first XD)

Theme Apps
krazeydiamond HERE!
ayaseyue HERE!

toraketsu HERE!

And remember our theme application is OPEN! So feel free to participate guys, I did it based on your votes! I'm going to be pimping the community at Mahora again tomorrow so hopefully that will get more people back as well.

The application for the first theme is HERE!!!

Thanks guys! It is because of you that this community is still up and running after 3 years!
Tags: !mod post
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