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Name: TaiyakinoNaku "Uguu"
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Who were you stamped as?: Konoka...Though I'm thinking of re-stamping... .//.;; auu...

About You
Likes: Anime, Manga, Voice Acting, Books (especially lite novels), Bubble tea, helping people out, love & peace
Dislikes: Being the center of attention, homophobes, LOVE TRIANGLES (go awaayyy T_T), when people are sad and I can't do anything...being jealous ._.
Hobbies: Voice Acting, Drawing, Reading, Writing, Taking pictures of the sky
Talents: um... I don't think I have any? I like to think I'm a good voice actress...? I'm really good at shelving library books!
Strong Points: I'm trusting and friendly and my friends say I'm optimistic. I'm always willing to forgive people and pretty good at making compromises... And I'm always smiling! Oh, and I'm good at cramming before a test.
Weaker points: I'm very shy and terrified of men and boys around my age. I'm apparently too naive and trusting for my own good and I get taken advantage of a lot, but I'm getting better at standing up for myself... I cause a lot of trouble without meaning to because I'm so dense...

If you had magical abilities...
What type of Element do you think you would have?: Air. I like how wind can be gentle and refreshing one moment and then strong enough to tear down houses the next. I think it'd be an element that could help people and protect them. Plus I like the idea of flying. I also like the idea of healing...
Western or Eastern Style magic?: It's hard... Probably Western. I'd feel really bad if I summoned golems and stuff for protection and then they got hurt... I'd feel horrible for my partner too but I feel like it'd be easier for my partner to say no and ditch me if things got really bad... I wouldn't want him/her to get hurt...
Would you use them for practical applications or frivolously?: M-my partner would be human! I'd want them to have a say in everything we do... So whichever my partner was more comfortable with, I'd bend to their will a bit... They're already doing me a huge favor protecting me...
Offensive or Defensive combat style?: A combination. I don't think you can win a fight with purely one or the other. It would depend on the situation too, of course. If we could get away tiring the opponent with defense and endurance, though, I might prefer that to hurting them... but if my partner was taking a beating or if the person was really bad I'd wanna knock em out... ^^;;
Good, Evil, Peacekeeping, or Neutral?: Peacekeeping-Good. In some conflicts I'd want to keep both sides happy but if there's clearly a "good" and "bad" (by my morals, at least...) I'd want to help the side I consider "good".

Would your partner have an ability that complimented your own or that brought something different to your partnership? Um... I don't know... I think I would be best at spell casting and watching my partner's defense and then attacking when not protecting him/her...So s/he'd need to be able to do some of the attacking...?
that sounds so selfish.x___x;
What do you think the most useful pactio ability is/would be?: Um um... I like Asuna's pactio item. It changes depending on the situation so for some battles she can beat you up softly and others she can beat you up...hard-ish-ly? ^^; Which would be nice... I also really like Setsuna's item... just because... And Nodoka's mind reading book would be useful...
Would you more likely make Pactio willingly or out of necessity?: I don't know... I guess...I know it's selfish... but I'd want one. I'd feel a lot better practicing magic if I had someone to talk to... But I'd feel so bad for dragging someone into my problems that I'd probably talk myself out of it, unless it was necessary...
Would you rather/more likely be the Magister(Master) or the Minister?: Eek... I don't know... Being the Magister would make me feel really responsible for protecting my partner... but at the same time I think I'd be best as the magister because then my partner can leave at any time if things got bad...?
so selfish I'm sorry...

This or That for your Partner
Mature or Immature: Mature when s/he has to be but immature otherwise? It might be fun to be able to goof of together... but when things got serious I'd want us to be focused! mm!
Leader or Follower: Leader and follower. We'd be a team so we'd have to be able to decide things and move together. Checks and balances, sorta?
Shy or outgoing: Outgoing... I think I'd be shy enough for us both sometimes. But I'm really not that picky!!!
Loud or quiet: Medium? Someone who knows when to be loud and when to be quiet?
Calm or Energetic: Both! Energy is always nice and I'd feel more like we were friends if we were smiling and putting energy into everything together! I can be pretty calm when things get bad so if they're willing to calm down when I ask I'll calm down when they ask and then..yay~
Controlled or Impulsive: Controlled. I myself sometimes get impulsive and it'd be bad if we both acted on impulse, right? A bit impulsive is fine in some situations, though.
Patient or Impatient: Patient. ;__; Otherwise they might get fed up with me and leave and I'd be all alone... I know it's selfish but... ._. Impatient is okay if they'll still stick around me...
Confident or Modest: Confident enough to feel good about themselves without purposely putting others down... I'd want them to be happy...?

In your own words, briefly describe the type of person you think you would work with best: Um... I'd want someone who would be my friend, honestly... ^^; I think if we could be friends and get along then, no matter what type of personality the other person has, we'll be able to compliment each other in the end. So someone who is willing to be more than just partners but friends as well is my highest wish... I guess,thinking selfishly, I'd want someone who can help me stop being such a whimp. Scolding me if okay and almost preferred so that I can be worthy of my partner's protection and friendship... I'd kind of like them to be a good fighter and then I'll do the spell casting to back them up. So... Friendly... nice... confident...a bit bossy is okay (I'm good at following orders if I need to)... energetic is fun... A bit childish so we can have fun together when we're not fighting something...
is that okay?

Would you prefer a partner of a specific gender or not:? No preference. As I said, I'm a bit scared of men, but I can handle a guy if I get to know him. So either gender is fine. ^^

Pictures or describe what you look like (Optional):
None right now...sorry... um... I have shoulder length brown hair and bangs now. My eyes are brown and I wear glasses... I usually dress in "cute clothes" because my mom enjoys buying me cutesy stuff... ^^;

Link to three applications (themed) that you have voted on:

Thank you for your time!!!
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