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Ministra Magi

Name: Garrett
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Who were you stamped as?: Chao, thinking about getting a re-stamp though
Link: Here!

About You
Likes: Video games, anime, indi video games, old video games, programming, giant robots, sci-fi, Justice
Dislikes: Idiots, annoying people, people who think they know what their talking about but don't, rollercosters, most fangirls (you know the annoying ones, or the ones that chase me with scissors), stuck up people, mostly people as you can see, oh spiders
Hobbies: Video Games, Anime, web site stuff (blogging, website design, Let's Plays)
Talents: Programming, I've been told I lead well, oh I'm a book of random video game knowledge that is a talent.
Strong Points: Calm (when I need to be and when I'm around people), can take criticism well, smart, kind (at times), crazy (it fights with the calm a lot :P).
Weaker points: I can't take a hint, smartass (at times), lazy, shy at first, sometimes I make no sense, oh I have a hard time speaking to people the first time.

If you had magical abilities...
What type of Element do you think you would have?: I'm going to have to say dark/shadow because I'm calm and such, but I also keep to myself a lot, and it takes a lot to get me to get out and say something or do something in those kinds of situations, but when I do hell is breaking loose.
Western or Eastern Style magic?: Eastern, I'm way more towards the mystical and throwing fireballs :P
Would you use them for practical applications or frivolously?: Practical, yes; but I will go out of my way to find man practical applications.
Offensive or Defensive combat style?: Offensive, no doubt about it, I want to be punching things in the face with magic, while of course yelling the name of the attack.
Good, Evil, Peacekeeping, or Neutral?: Neutral, I do what I think is best; good, evil, they are only labels.

Would your partner have an ability that complimented your own or that brought something different to your partnership? I think a bit of both, I want him/her to have a bit in common with me, but they need to be different so something new can be brought to the table.
What do you think the most useful pactio ability is/would be?: Well with my running in and punching things in the face, I would hope its something defensive to make sure I don't get myself killed, but also having a bit of attack so they can join in on the fun.
Would you more likely make Pactio willingly or out of necessity?: I think willingly, I don't want to bring someone into this whole mess unless their sure about it.
Would you rather/more likely be the Magister(Master) or the Minister?:Magister I think, I mean I guess I would work for some mage, but I would be the one to be like I'll help you, but I'm sorry I'm taking my own path as a Magister.

This or That for your Partner
Mature or Immature:A bit of both, can't be serious all the time.
Leader or Follower: Again a bit of both, sometimes I might need him/her to do something how I say it, sometimes they need to do things on their own.
Shy or outgoing: ...Again a mix is a good thing.
Loud or quiet: More so on the quiet side, but yeah if they need to speak up go for it be loud.
Calm or Energetic: Calm is the way to go, need a clear mind, though having a bit of energy is nice at times.
Controlled or Impulsive: Controlled, need that calm head in battle.
Patient or Impatient: Patient, someone needs to make sure I don't rush into things myself.
Confident or Modest: I think modest for the both of us, because I sure as hell wouldn't be.

In your own words, briefly describe the type of person you think you would work with best: Really in the end the person to best work with me would be someone to keep me in check. I may be calm, but I'm still crazy and at times not do the smartest things. I will rush into battle, and they should pull me back and remind me that I'm calm so I think and plan, then rush into battle. So they need to understand me and then just watch for those stupid times, other than that, also them not hating me is a plus.

Would you prefer a partner of a specific gender or not:? Nope doesn't matter, if they fit me best they they do.

Pictures or describe what you look like (Optional): Here

Link to three applications (themed) that you have voted on: (If none are available, say so but make sure to vote when more are posted or you will not be stamped!)
Tags: !pactio: chachamaru
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