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Name: Goh Silk (or Sakia Ishida)...Sakia-chan is fine~
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Who were you stamped as?: Chizuru

About You
Likes: Cooking (is obsessed over making pretty pretty bento art and good Japanese food in general), reading, writing, drawing, fangaling over ikemen/manga stuff in general with friends, coming up with cracktasic stuff in lectures, cooking for friends, dancing PPP and DDR, and studying Japanese culture.
Dislikes: Close-minded people, Bean sprouts (the Vegetable), people who think that everyone should pity them for every little thing that goes wrong in their life.
Hobbies: Cooking, bento-art, drawing manga, writing short stories, fangaling, playing musical instruments like the piano and the clarinet, collecting pretty stuff like Magazines and Photosets. <3
Talents: Cooking and decorative bento, Biology and Chemistry, Musically inclined both in Instruments and Dancing, Procrastinating (XD.)
Strong Points: Cooking, Memorizing stuff - sans lyrics (can remember pages of notes in a snap, but can't even remember 1 song), has a quick recovery rate emotion wise - stays happy most of the time and recovers from setbacks rather quickly, perfectionist
Weaker points: Irrational fear of needles, memorizing lyrics, people who look gloomy, procrastination, perfectionist (it has its good points and bad points)

If you had magical abilities...
What type of Element do you think you would have?: Water. I have an affinity with it. I swim way way faster than I run and I can swim way longer than I can run. Also, I enjoy running in the rain, even though it does make me get sick once in a while. :P
Western or Eastern Style magic?: Eastern.
Would you use them for practical applications or frivolously?: Practical. I would not use magic in daily mundane life cause it makes it lose the appeal of doing things the normal way. (Like I can never imagine cooking using magic, although I do dream of making potions occasionally. *grins*)
Offensive or Defensive combat style?: Defensive.
Good, Evil, Peacekeeping, or Neutral?: Neutral. I don't believe in ultimate good or evil. Only that everyone is striving to achieve what they aim to do.

Would your partner have an ability that complimented your own or that brought something different to your partnership? Different. Then we would be able to have a higher variety in combat skills and knowledge.
What do you think the most useful pactio ability is/would be?: For me? Something Defensive like a Keikai (Barrier..although translation to that seems abit crude) or something. For my partner? Anything he/she desires? XD
Would you more likely make Pactio willingly or out of necessity?: Ah. I'm alright with both. Willing would be good but I'm not going to protest if it is needed.
Would you rather/more likely be the Magister(Master) or the Minister?: I have no qualms about being the Magister but I think I'll end up as the Minister instead cause I'm not really "command" material.

This or That for your Partner
Mature or Immature: Mature. Because I have a Mature-person complex. I tend to move towards people who are more mature than their age (mainly because I'm kinda like that too)
Leader or Follower: Leader. (because I can't really lead, even though I'm always chosen as a leader)
Shy or outgoing: Anything is fine, I'm half/half myself, hence I can relate to both shy people and outgoing people, but then I can't really stand extremities of both ends.
Loud or quiet: Quiet. because I think I'm loud enough for the both of us.
Calm or Energetic: Calm, because I tend to get over worried or over excited at times and my partner can keep me in check
Controlled or Impulsive: Controlled, because same as above. I'm impulsive....sometimes. XD
Patient or Impatient: Patient.
Confident or Modest: Erm.....I'm okay with both.

In your own words, briefly describe the type of person you think you would work with best: People who share same interests as me would be good, although as long as the person does not try to impose his/her ideals on me I'll be able to work with that person, of course the easiest people to work with are those that share similar ideals to myself.

Would you prefer a partner of a specific gender or not:? Nope, no preference at all.


Link to three applications (themed) that you have voted on:
Tags: !pactio: setsuna
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