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Name: Sephira
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Who were you stamped as?: Evangeline
Link: http://community.livejournal.com/negima_rating/64954.html

About You
Likes: Cats, cows, vampires, guns, swords, fire, J-Rock, K-Pop, J-Pop, K-Rock, Japan, Asian culture, Lightning, rain, cloudy days, asian men, Asian anything, haunted houses, 80’s music, anime manga, anything by R.L. Stine, Ninja stuff, Japanese Warlords, Dir en Grey, Gackt, Malice Mizer, Super Junior, ChoShinSung, Utada Hikaru, glittery stuff, Chibi Vampire Cows, music, S.K.I.N., Mustangs, Fast cars, trucks, writing, reading, watching Court shows, glittery things, supernatural stuff, I do like making stuff {like I subscribe to Shojo Beat and they have all sorts of crafty things to make, so I like trying to make that stuff}
Dislikes: My brother, no really I severely dislike him, my job, girly girls, love-I really hate love, anything romance, being touched, people staring at me, people being near me, people in general, men who think they are God’s gift to women, I don’t like buff men, being half deaf, being short, Claus phobic-I hate small spaces, bugs, death and mornings-Oh how I hate mornings, war, death, bugs
Hobbies: Writing, singing, watching anime, reading manga, talking to my best bud arizonaicerose
Talents:Writing, singing, sounding like a goose and wiggling my ears
Strong Points: Creative, Loyal {So I‘ve heard…}, strong-willed, unique
Weaker points: Half deaf, opinionated, severe-mood swings, arrogant, pessimistic, sometimes way too confident or modest for my own good….

If you had magical abilities...
What type of Element do you think you would have?: Is fire…I love fire…When a candle is lit I love watching the flame. I just love it and think it would be cool to use. I will go as far as putting my hand over the flame till I feel the heat of it against my hand and pull away before I can burn myself…
Western or Eastern Style magic?: Hmmm..I don’t know…It would be cool to have both actually…
Would you use them for practical applications or frivolously?:
Offensive or Defensive combat style?: That’s a toughie…I would like to have both…
Good, Evil, Peacekeeping, or Neutral?: Evil…I am completely evil…*evil laughter*

Would your partner have an ability that complimented your own or that brought something different to your partnership? I like to be different, so I’m going with my partner can bring something different to the partnership…
What do you think the most useful pactio ability is/would be?:
Would you more likely make Pactio willingly or out of necessity?:
Would you rather/more likely be the Magister(Master) or the Minister?: I’d be the master no doubt about that…

This or That for your Partner
Mature or Immature: Well, since I am both, my partner can be Mature…
Leader or Follower: Follower…I am the leader here…
Shy or outgoing: I’d have to go with shy…Nothing wrong with a shy slave I mean shy partner….
Loud or quiet: Quiet please…
Calm or Energetic: Calm, I dislike energetic
Controlled or Impulsive: Hmmm…it would be best if my partner is controlled…
Patient or Impatient: Patient, since I can be impatient…
Confident or Modest: I’m both, so my partner can be both as well…

In your own words, briefly describe the type of person you think you would work with best: Hmmm…Well, I can’t stand people who are so energetic, bouncy, hyper, happy all the time. I mean come one people can’t be that seriously happy…So someone who is not like that…But I do tend have severe mood swings, so I’ll need someone who can easily handle those and who can of course calm me down when I get to angry.

Would you prefer a partner of a specific gender or not:? Well, I’m not sure if there are any male characters, so I’ll say both, but as long as they are cute…I like my Asian men and women to be cute…

Pictures or describe what you look like (Optional):I’ll add a picture or a two, but I will state this, my hair is now black purple…I basically look the same it’s just that my hair is different now…

Taken July, 18...I am in the green tank top….

This was taken July, 13 at a anime con. It was Tucson Arizona’s first con and my friend took a pictur eo fme and a guy dressed as Kurogane…I’m in the blue denim Capri pants and the Death Note shirt

Link to three applications (themed) that you have voted on: I voted for these appies a few days ago, I hope it‘s okay I added them on here???
Tags: !pactio: chachamaru
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