Baka Black! (ayaseyue) wrote in negima_rating,
Baka Black!

Are you a doppelganger or just a copycat?

Name: Brittany
Age: 20
Gender: Femme
Who were you stamped as?: Kazumi Asakura

Describe your personality briefly: Laid-back, witty, intelligent, observant and analytical.
How do you typically dress or what do you usually wear?: I dress casually, usually jeans and a t-shirt and I tend to keep my make-up simple. Sometimes I will wear a skirt or a nice shirt and vest. My closet is mostly black, white, and red but I have been throwing more color variations in lately. I love cute panties too XD
Would you say you have a specific overall fashion style? If yes, what is it? If no, why not?: Not really, I like a mix of edgy and cute clothing but I mostly just dress casually or in whatever I have around.

Post 3-8 pictures of yourself, please try to include at least one that is more than just a facial!:

Do you have a preference on which gender you are voted as?: Don't care, though I'm pretty sure I mostly look like a girl XD

Link to three applications (themed) that you have voted on:
The third will go here...
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