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Name: Rita, but you can also call me Tera, Willis, or Wallace if you like one of those better.
Age: Nineteen.
Gender: Female.
Height: 171 cm. Don't remember what that is in the US system; I live in the US, but for some reason they taught us metric.

Likes: Language, culture, societal perceptions of "the other," and philosophy. Trying to understand what fairness means to me, and seeing cruelty and manipulation punished. Femslash, yuri, shoujo-ai, whatever you call it. When someone sees and understands who I am, but cares about me anyway. Nature, especially the woods. Creating characters. When real life gives me an excuse to be around someone I'm attracted to. Idealism and realism, especially when they enhance each other. Seeing patterns, and seeing how patterns aren't always correct.
Dislikes: Anyone whose biases get in the way of civility, although I hate zealous homophobes the most because that one affects me directly. Nonchalance toward cruelty, hatred, pettiness, cattiness, and violence. Feeling useless and weak, like I'm not good enough. Feeling intruded upon, controlled, or like my dignity, privacy and/or self won't be respected. Backstabbers and traitors. Busywork, double-standards, and teachers who make interesting subjects sound boring. People who choose to be irritating because it looks "cool." Bad spelling and grammar from being too lazy to run a basic spellcheck program. Netspeak.

Hobbies: I'd like to say I write and draw a lot, but I procrastinate so much on both counts that I don't think I really should. (I do the planning for stories, and I sketch, but I never finish anything because I keep getting new ideas.) Being out in nature and thinking. A little bit of martial arts. Studying things I find interesting.
Talents: I can learn languages well and quickly, and I have a very good ear for pronunciation. I am darn good at analysing things. I have very well-tuned and generally agreed-upon aesthetic sensibilities. I'm often the voice of reason among insanity, or provide an insight that everyone else has overlooked, because I don't get caught up in craziness easily.
Fav color: Orange, although light purple, bright red, and dark minty greens are nice, too.
Fav animal: Foxes have been my favourite animals since I was five years old, but I find rodents kind of fascinating to stare at, especially how their little skeletons work.

Strong points: I'm perceptive and notice subtleties; I consider all the possibilities. I have my principles and reasons, and I will stick by them and defend them (I'll only reconsider if new evidence makes my viewpoints seem uninformed to me). I try to take everyone into consideration in choices, because I know how it feels to be left out. I'm both logical-analytical and passionate-emotional, and I can understand both viewpoints, even if one sometimes seems cold and the other irrational. I appreciate almost everyone for their weaknesses as well as strengths, even if I don't love everyone. Once I've taken on a task I see as worthy, I'll do my best to get it done as best I can. I am protective, even if I'm usually too shy to express that. Apparently, my emotional awkwardness is of the "dorky-cute" variety rather than the "awkward/needs therapy RIGHT NOW" variety, if the fact that a few of my friends have squeed over it means anything.

Weaker points: I'm guarded with my emotions and refuse to show when things are building up. I think poorly of myself, and have fits of self-loathing that seem selfish or unwarranted to others. I never think my efforts will be met with as much difficulty as they are. I'm indecisive, terrified of commitment, and torn between thinking with my head and my heart. I have a hard time letting myself trust people and I'm slow to open up. I take on lots of projects, and rarely finish any of them because I'm so obsessed with doing everything well. I keep part of myself hidden, because while I've finally accepted myself for me, I still worry that others will discriminate against me if they know I'm homosexual. I can't accept failure, and I mull over past mistakes for too long. I'm see the negatives more than the positives, especially in myself.

Mature or Immature?: Both. I grew up too quickly, so while I seem mature and introspective most of the time, I can be caught off-guard when I'm faced with something that a "normal" person would have learned to deal with from growing up at a "normal" pace.
Leader or Follower?: Well, I hate to lead because I get frustrated with stupidity quickly, but I also hate to follow and be told what to do, especially when the "leader" follows principles I disagree with or is pursuing a plan I find moronic. I do what makes the most sense to me, whether or not that's what "the group" is doing. Sometimes I end up leading out of a sense of obligation, if I like the others and don't want them to fail (and don't think any of them would make a better leader than I would), but I don't really like to.
Shy or outgoing?: Very, very shy unless I feel I can trust you, and you have to earn my trust. However, in real life, I like to pretend that I'm just introspective and observant instead of shy, because I've learned to associate "shy" with "weak." And I hate feeling weak, because feeling weak is a lot like feeling useless or superfluous.
Loud or quiet?: Depends on how well I know the person/people I'm with, and how much I like them. I'm quiet most of the time, and always with people I don't know very well, but if you get me talking about something I'm really passionate about (or if you piss me off enough), I'll talk. Exception is if you know anything about the same things I geek over, I will listen to you talk your ear off so that I can learn from you. x3 Also, when I write, I don't shut up. See: this app, and the fact that I'm comfortable giving explanations for everything on it.
Angel or Devil?: Well, not really either. I follow my moral principles and refuse to deviate from them, but I don't really think I'm good enough to be called an "angel."

In school(or back in school), do/did you study/studied a lot? Why?: It depends how much I'm interested in the subject. I get good grades regardless; how much I try to learn more than I need to depends on how much I care. How much I care depends on things like the author's morals and writing style, the teacher's morals and teaching style... etc. If something I consider more important to do distracts me, I won't be able to focus on studying until I've satisfied whatever it is I feel "should" be done.
What would you do if your friend were in danger?: I am the overprotective, self-sacrificial idiot. I don't make friends lightly, and so when I do, I'm extremely attached to them. I make sure to give them their space - goodness knows I need mine - but if they're in real danger, even if I can't be there with them, they're the first thing on my mind until I know they're okay.
You found out that your teacher is a mage. What was your first reaction?: "... What." I might refuse to believe it at first, or try to look the other way and ignore it, but even if I did so, I'd be observing him/her while working away in my imagination, putting together what I see and what I know about my teacher, and eventually making myself curious enough to try and figure it out.
If you were forced to pick one girl out of 2-A/3-A to be one of your closest friends, who would you pick and why?: Satsuki. She's just so... calm. Stable. I like that.
What do you friends think of you?: The terms I hear the most are too-self-critical, dorky, mature, intense, geeky, sweet, pessimist, idealist, determined, and reliable. My closest friends tend to be concerned about my emotional well-being even when they shouldn't be, because they're the only people who get to see those self-loathing episodes I mentioned earlier.

Fav Negima character, and why?: More like who not. Once I get into a character's head and find something I either identify with or care about, I love that character. I'm upset if anything bad happens to the character, I constantly think the character is adorable, and I feel proud of the character when she accomplishes something.
Describe your personality in a couple of words: Conflicted, introspective, shy, principled, dedicated.
What character do you think you're most like and why?: I'm here to ask you that, not to tell you who to vote for. ;) Besides, I'm not sure I could pick just one myself.

Pictures or describe what you look like:
I'm on the tallish side for a female, and a bit androgynous-looking (well, I think I look pretty clearly female, but I'm mistaken for a boy a lot). Dark brown, curly hair; expressive face (especially eyes); you can read my body language and tell what I'm feeling from a mile away, even when (and apparently especially when) I most want to seem stoic.

(Edited a few times because Fuji fails at formatting.  Ooh, alliteration.  And because I came back to it and thought, "I love reading detailed apps, but even I'd cringe at an app THAT long.")
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