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Happy Material!

Name: Lindsey/Zee/Rinji
Age: 24
Gender: Chesticles
Height: 5'9"

Sweets (candy, lots of sugar, chocolates, baked sweets, I love love love sugary foods and thrive on them!), TEA(!!!!!), books/reading/studying/learning, art, flowers, makeup, cute things (anything pink, frilly, or glittery especially stuff with kitties and bunnies on it, or sweet treats), antiques, fine and ornate objects and clothing (silk, taffeta, satin, gold, jewels, stuff that's finely designed and crafted I love), things that are dark and gothic, Victorian era clothing, animals (I'm sort of a pet addict at times -.-;), making things (I really adore making things, you'll understand when you read hobbies), cultural items especially those having to do with superstition/magick/mythology like worry dolls and feng shui items, bubble tea(!!!!), stuff flavored with lychee, magickal tools/candles/oils/herbs/items (so useful), shopping(!!), swords/knives/blades in general, tea parties, fireworks, getting outside/going for walks, spending time with friends, being center of attention, flirting, getting good grades, showing my co-workers up (though when I'm complimented for it, I'm usually modest, it's a quiet enjoyment), cuddling up to electronics/inanimate objects, I also like fresh fruits and flying kites and lots of other stuff ^^;

Spoiled brats, people who scream all the time, people who get angry over nothing, people who can't just "drop" stuff, criticism, being told I can't do something, seeing people being abused, homophobia, racism, hypocrisy, people who don't learn from their mistakes, people who are ungrateful, people telling me how to do stuff, Having someone read over my shoulder, talk while I'm reading, or try to draw my attention constantly when I'm trying to read or write (basically if I'm reading or writing, don't bother me unless it's important), black licorice, tomatoes, someone else getting praised for something I did first or I did better, being left out, people who are inconsiderate, slobs, people who are overly religious, vegans, PETA, and probably other things x_x

Cooking, baking, painting, sketching, sculpting, sewing, knitting, gardening, origami, Sumi-E, I-Ching, feng shui, astrology (Western and Eastern), candy making, candle making, magick, foretune telling, shopping, drinking tea, role playing, cosplay, cleaning, flying kites, loving up on my pets, picking on people, drinking, doing makeup, cutting/styling hair, making jewelry, making charms, decoupage, magick, writing yaoi and yuri fics, design, seeing (I mean... as in... the future. And past. And present.), flower arranging, antiquing, reading (classical literature, popular new literature except horror, poetry, koans, how to speak Japanese, algebra/calculus/trig, short stories, how to make electronics, manga, comics, magick books, psychology/psychiatry, and anything I can get my hands on), making accessories, making clothes, traveling, watching anime, and tons of other stuff.

Baking/cooking, problem solving, working with electronics to make them work, talking to animals, dealing with kids, looking good no matter what I'm wearing, flirting, being able to do anything well the first time I try it (I'm a natural at most things), I can take my underwear off without taking my pants off... my bra, too. (That's a talent right?) I'm kind of flexible. And I'm kinda ^^; well whether you choose to believe it or not, kind of a psychic and empath and I work well with all kinds of natural energy. (If you think I'm nuts or just looking to be special it's okay, I understand. ^^) I also have this odd thing where I'm extremely lucky and unlucky. I have the power of irony!

Fav color: White with red in close second. (Both for what they symbolize.)

Fav animal: I don't have a favorite T_T it's so hard to choose just one when I like so many different animals. I could say mice or rats cause I've owned a lot and enjoyed having them. Or a blizzard corn snake cause that's what I want next. I could say cats cause I've owned a lot of them. Or otters because they're really cute! But I used to study large cats obsessively because they fascinated me, but then there are reptiles, and scorpions are kinda cool but there are also dogs which are pretty cute (although I prefer the smaller breeds, but then large breeds are really pretty too like boxers and huskies), arctic foxes are gorgeous *_*, wolves are awesome, too. There's too many T_T

Strong points:
Intelligent, fun, funny, kind, hard to startle/make panic, fast learner, quick reaction time, driven, determined, kind, compassionate, understanding, rarely judgmental, tolerant, patient, creative, great problem solver, logical, useful, helpful, often cheerful, a good hostess, wise, caring, loving, doesn't give up easily, friendly, polite, loyal, honest (though I'm fond of half-truths), tidy, good with computers/animals/children, pretty, and lots of other things

Weaker points:
Arrogant/Condescending (some people say), hypersensitive/easily hurt, a bit paranoid that people will hate me or do hate me, sadistic/taunting/teasing, blunt at times, somewhat cold (I don't open up too easily to people, and tend to mask my emotions deciding just to smile and laugh instead of being honest about how I feel), tendency not to ask for what I need (I'm often too scared to ask for things from asking where the clean towels are to asking for hugs, I just do my best without and try to figure things out on my own, I rarely ask for help), can often get severely depressed, self-destructive at times, easily made to feel guilty and I often take the blame for things I didn't do and didn't have anything to do with just to get others out of trouble, self-sacrificing (as just mentioned), opinionated, stubborn, haughty at times, I never forgive myself for anything, rebellious/trouble maker (mostly when authority figures have lost my respect), can often times be vulgar, and I'm sure there's more ^^;;

Mature or Immature?:
I'm mostly mature, I guess. Around people older than me and people in authority. I guess from when I was little I was raised to mature quickly. I was kinda shown off when I was little -.-; like some purebred dog or something. So as I child I sat and listened and didn't speak and I still tend to do that. But around friends and people younger than me I'm really immature lol in a fun way, though! Although I do pout and cry and stuff but I also glomp people and laugh at immature stuff and I like to color and puddle jump and get excited over gummy snacks, and I gloat when I win while dueling yugioh and stuff. I also tend to beg and whine and stuffs.

Leader or Follower?:
I'm mostly a loner, off doing my own thing. Not that I'm avoiding people lol It's just that I'm usually zoned out day dreaming or squeeing over some project or another. I'm hardcore into escapism and making my little dream world seem more real via Art. But I often follow because I know other people are happier being leaders and I usually have no opinion on where to go or what to do, so long as I'm with everyone I know I'll have fun and enjoy myself. I can be really supportive as a subordinate lol But when the leader isn't doing a good job and everyone is upset or something bad has happened and everyone is panicking I'm usually the first to start to take over and give out orders and restore order to everything and make everyone happy. So really I'm a natural leader but I don't care much for the position if someone else is doing an okay job.

Shy or outgoing?:
I'm a little bit of both. I'm often really quiet around new people in small groups unless I have a few friends with me. I still comment and I'm still polite and all, but I guess I need time to gauge peoples personalities and what would be acceptable and unacceptable to say. After a while I start talking more when I feel sure that what I'll say will be acceptable and I can get to be kind of loud and such. ^^; I like having alone time to do my own thing like clean or cook and bake or work on projects, but whenever an offer comes up to go to a party or go out for dinner or go to a club, I always accept if I'm not too tired or it's not too sudden of an invitation. I love being around people and hearing them talk. Humans are so fascinating. *_*

Loud or quiet?:
For the most part I guess I'm pretty quiet lol I've gotten a lot of complaints that I'm too quiet or I speak too quietly and then I scream, "Do you need a hearing aide?! I'm speaking just fine, you can't hear for crap!" to friends anyway lol I HATE having to repeat myself e.e; but then I have friends who say I'm way too loud to the point that it's embarrassing and have made people in restaurants move tables away from us which I often burst out laughing about. I've even had my fourth grade teacher have to cover my mouth with her hand cause I was screaming swear words at a classmate. I was shocked at first that she did it, but then I started laughing. I had the sense to be embarrassed when I grew to realize how awful I was being. ^^; And even tables in our cafeteria, during lunch (which is always loud) had to scream at me to shut up because I was too loud. To which I said, "YEAH?! Just come over here and MAKE ME you PUNK ASS BITCHES!" of course... no one took up the offer. I guess in this way, no one knows what to expect from me and I'm always kind of shocking someone. (Due to the quiet/loud, introverted/extroverted, mature/immature stuff... people say I have a split personality or multiple lol I'm very confusing to most people.)

Angel or Devil?:
._. I... don't know. People have told me I'm a goody two shoes, suck up, angelic, innocent, pure, untainted little cherub and others have said I'm a filthy, evil, monstrous, cruel, wicked little bitch of a demon. I'm not really sure how to answer. I just know that it bothers me a great deal not knowing which I'm more like. The idea of being a monster really... hurts a lot.

In school(or back in school), do/did you study/studied a lot? Why?:
I was really into English and Art. Mostly because I was good at them. I took Art, 3D Art and was in Art Club and my English teacher almost immediately put me into Honors English just because I wanted to be in it. She told my sister's in-laws that she believes I was the brightest student she'd ever had (she's retired now, of course). I also enjoyed World Cultures though I didn't pay any attention in it ^^; I took it in summer school and got the second best grade in the class. Second best by only .2%. I was obsessed with showing my desk-mate up. I wish I could have a competitor like her again. I also enjoyed psychology/sociology class a great deal. And in Nursing school I was really gung ho about Anatomy. I was really good at it and understood about 98% of it all and blew my classmates away. But to be honest, if given the proper environment, all subjects of study would've been passionately followed and studied. I'm a bit obsessed with learning new things.

What would you do if your friend were in danger?:
I'd save them, of course. x_x; Who just stands by and lets their friends get hurt?! Maybe the question should be more situation specific? I love my friends so I'd do whatever it takes to save them. They mean everything to me because I don't really have family. And my friends have practically adopted me and saved my ass tons of times. I owe them and I love them and they make me happy. I'd die for them if need be.

You found out that your teacher is a mage. What was your first reaction?:
Oh, cool. ^^ Maybe we could compare notes? I wonder what all they know how to do?

If you were forced to pick one girl out of 2-A/3-A to be one of your closest friends, who would you pick and why?:
I don't really seem to pick friends. They pick me. So I guess whoever would want to approach me, first, to be friends. (It sounds like a cop-out answer, doesn't it?)

What do your friends think of you?:
A lot of them say I'm kind, giving, caring, loving, hilarious, fun to be with, responsible, dependable, reliable, have low self-esteem, beautiful, intelligent, sweet, sacrificing, understanding, broken, sad, lonely, adorable, hard-working, clingy/needy, interesting, amusing, narcissistic, creative, impressive, talented (too talented and too pretty for some of them to feel comfortable around me, a few have confessed), loyal, trustworthy, troublesome, sadistic, cruel, selfish in some ways, too selfless in others, naive, trusting, giving, elegant, flamboyant, polite, bratty at times, can end up acting like a princess/diva, too quiet at times, too concerned about what others think and easy to get along with.

Fav Negima character, and why?:
Asuna. She's just really fiery but she has a great side to her, too. It's kind of cute lol

Describe your personality in a couple of words:
Princess, Pauper

What character do you think you're most like and why?:
I really have no idea lol I couldn't even make a guess at this point. And since I'm the only one of my friends who seems to have watched it, I don't even have anyone to ask ^^;

Pictures or describe what you look like:

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