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Welcome to negima_rating~! This is the community to find out which Negima character you're most like! ^_^

This Months Theme is: Mirror! Which Negima character do you look most like?
Click to find the rules and application!

Maintainer & founder: evadoll
Maintainer: ayaseyue

Community rules

1. You must be a member to vote / to fill out the application
2. Do not flame or insult each other. Treat everyone with respect ^^
3. Once you post your survey, you must vote for others, even if you're not stamped yet. That's because we don't have many members yet XD
4. Put all the applications under a LJ-cut.
5. Cosplay pictures are allowed, but if you post one cosplay picture you also MUST post a 'normal' picture.
6. Be yourself. Don't say you're 'shy' just because you want to get Nodoka or something. This isn't a character quiz XD So, be yourself.
7. Don't get upset if you get stamped as a character you don't like. If you want to try again for an other character you'll have to wait for 2 weeks.
8. To let me know that you have read the rules, put Happy Material! as subject. If you don't do that then your application will be deleted.

Voting rules

1. When rating someone, please use only the characters on the list below and please put your votes in bold ^^
2. It would be nice if you give an explanation why you choose that character for a person ^^
3. NO FLAMING!! Flame = big ban!
4. After 7 days or 7 votes you'll be stamped by the mod. The majority of votes will be the stamped character
5. Save the stamps on your own server.

October's Theme is up! Which character do you most resemble?! Which will be running until October 31st!

Stamped Members
Theme Stamped Members

The stamps



mai_rating [Mai HiME]
rozen_rating [Rozen Maiden]
pitaten_rating [Pita Ten]
fsn_rating [Fate/Stay Night]
tsubasa_rating [Tsubasa: Resevoir Chronicle]
gravirating [Gravitation]
clamp_rating [CLAMP]
keybladerating [Kingdom Hearts]
digi_rating [Digimon]
ninjafy [Naruto]
mliebe_rating [Meine Liebe]
naruto_rating [Naruto]
stamping_comms [Stamping Communities]
ratelist [Rate List]
sr_rating [School Rumble]
ouran_stampingz [Ouran High School Host Club]
sos_rating [Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu]
gundam00_rating [Gundam 00]
gundam00mirror [Gundam 00 Mirror]
souleater_rate [Soul Eater]
arrancar_rating [Bleach - Arrancar]
bof_stamps [Breath of Fire]
cc_stamps [Chrono Cross]
mai_stamps [Mai-Hime]
millennial_fair [Chrono Trigger]
slamdunk_rating [Slam Dunk]
ankusabi_rating [Ai no Kusabi Rating]
countcainrating [Count Cain/Godchild Rating]
sweepersrating [Black Cat Rating]
sukisyo_rating [Sukisyo/Sukisho Rating]
miragerating [Mirage of Blaze Rating]

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Credits: Those cute little sprites from http://www.hoshinohate.com/ XD [Spoilers]